About Me

12068419_10207541331805037_5538047777021588460_oHELLO!  I’m Joni!  A wife, Mother to three wonderful children, a step mom to two amazing girls,  Grandmother to a special boy, and Bonus Grandma to an amazing toddler.  I am 40 something and still trying to find my niche in life.  I always thought being a mom was my main career (still do) and that my “jobs” in life were merely a necessity for my main career.

After spending 20+ years in a career I was still questioning whether it was for me.  I started evaluating what was important in my life?  What was I actually contributing monetarily?  What made me happy?  What am I good at?  Where do I see myself spending the second half of my life?

To add to my uncertainty, my youngest was soon to be entering the latter part of her high school career.  WOW!  I am amazed at how life/years fly by.  Wondering/Searching/Dreaming…

WHAT is next for me?

WHAT does the next chapter of life look like?  PANIC!  I need to start checking the boxes off on my “must do’s in life” list!  Life is so short and there is so much more that I want from it.

My husband and I had and are still having conversations (if you ask him, WAY too many) about the insecurities of what lies ahead.  We finally decided I would take a step away from what I was doing and focus on things that fulfilled me more than punching the clock at my 9 to 5 corporate job.

This website is just one result of the “soul searching” and constant brain storming we did over the last several months. (We are working on a few more… so stay tuned!)

IDEA, Inspiration & Teamwork

Always lending my ideas, creativity, and love of a great surprise to my friends and family when they are stuck and wondering what to give their loved ones.  My husband and I began to brainstorm about how I could put my talents into a “user manual” that more could access.

PERFECT GIFT TIPS was created!  I have to credit my techy husband for the functionality of this site!  HE is by far the Techhead in the family, but I love to learn new things and I am actually able to add my own flare to the site as well.

Please enjoy and have fun giving!

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