What are the Best Gifts for Seniors We Love?

best gifts for seniors

I sometimes struggle with gift ideas for the seniors in my life.  This age group is challenging but also the most rewarding when you give them a perfect gift.  So, what are the best gifts for seniors we love?  Here are a couple that always do the trick…

The Gift of Time

best gifts for seniorsFor many years I worked with a special lady in her 80’s, she was a volunteer that devoted up to 3 half days a week to help me with my responsibilities at work.  Before she retired at the age of 90 we had many afternoons of heart to heart conversations, laughs and even some tears.  Finding it harder and harder to find office tasks she was up to doing we filled our time together chatting about EVERYTHING and learning special things from each other.  Needing her advice was not an unusual request of mine… during several of our conversations I asked her about gift giving.

My huge take away from our conversations was one of the best gifts for a senior loved one or friend is the gift of time. Picking them up for a lunch date or stopping in for a chat and bringing a small gift, such as a favorite magazine, a book of puzzles, a favorite candy bar, some homemade cookies, a small container of ice cream, or a special tea, can be just as valuable as a more expensive or time-consuming gift.

Baked Sweet Treats!

This September my mother in law turned 81 years young.  For her gift this year I was inspired by a local bakery I frequent.  We live in Minnesota and my mother in law lives in Florida so we weren’t able to see her on her special day, so I thought let’s send her a special sweet treat for her birthday. best gifts for seniorsSending Minnesota love to our mom.

The bakery is a booming new local business with a lot of creative and yummy goodies, I love seeing the creativity of this young baker.  One of their specialties are Minnesota Nice cookies.  Cookies shaped as our state with our “Minnesota Nice” slogan on them.

(Minnesotans are known for their “niceness”, branding the phrase “Minnesota Nice”.  The bakery makes cookies shaped as Minnesota with Nice written on them and a heart over the Capital city… Super Super cute!)

With custom orders available, I had them leave off the “Nice” (she already knows we are nice ;-) ) and keep the heart.  So we sent off a dozen of Minnesota shaped cookies with hearts on them.  The bakery enclosed a note from us saying… ”Sending love from Minnesota to you today!  Happy Birthday Mom!  We love you!”

So if you love to bake or prefer to let the experts bake like I do… either way, send a wonderful sweet treat to someone you love!  They will absolutely love this gift.

If you live close to your loved ones… stop in and give them a little time.  I assure you that will be a PERFECT GIFT for them.

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