Gift Presentation – Always Finish with a Bow!

Gift Presentation is key!Gift Presentation - ALWAYS finish with a bow!

I inherited the art of gift wrapping from my mother. She is known for her wonderful gift presentation, they are always embellished with a gorgeous ribbon and a beautiful bow. Bows made with gorgeous ribbon or curlicues just for fun! Her gifts are always beautiful. You definitely know which gift she brought as it is a true piece of art. I guess this is where my obsession began.


Ribbon, ribbon, and more ribbon fill my bins of supplies for my perfect gifts and if I don’t have the perfect color I know where to raid as my mom’s supply even outshines mine.

Presenting your gift is part of the excitement. Presenting a beautifully wrapped package is bound to fill the recipient with anticipation and curiosity.  Placing a bow on your gift is key, it’s like frosting on a cake… it’s still good but so much better with the topping!

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