Just Play Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey

Hot Diggity Dancing MickeyJust Play Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey

If you find yourself doing the hot dog dance daily… Hot Diggity Dancing Mickey is for you!

This catchy tune is a favorite in our house with our 18 month old grandson! He loves Mickey and loves to show us his moves.

Mickey also has some silly awesome moves as he dances to the Hot Dog song!

Can you dance with Mickey? Try to keep up when he dances in double-time. Makes you giggle with a butt wiggle!

Tick-Tock. What time is it? Mickey makes moves like a choo-choo and an airplane. Great job!

Mickey also gives a high-five!

Kids absolutely love the iconic Hot Dog song and dance. Try it! It will make you smile every time!

Recommended for ages 36 months – 6 years.

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